Elena Medvedev

Elena Medvedev, Head of the initiative Paul A. Levine Library.

Elena Medvedev is mature BA student and media commissioner at the Institute für Jüdaistik, Department of History and Cultural Studies, Freie University Berlin.

In 2021 In memory of Paul A. Levine, Elena initiated A Traveling Tombstone – the sculpture “Tevat Paul — a project in collaboration with sculptor Robert Schmidt-Matt and the initiative “Paul A. Levine Library”.
👉 See & admire: the unique journey of A Traveling Tombstone Tevat Paul in Toronto, Canada, a country that, according to historian Paul A. Levine, was of great importance in his life.

In December 2020, with her talk “Paul A. Levine Library Matters” at the conference “Forward and don’t forget: writing & teaching about the holocaust today“, organized and dedicated to the Holocaust historian Paul A. Levine, Elena Medvedev asked for the attention of international scholarship and for their help rescuing the valuable library of the Swedish Holocaust historian, who died end 2019 in Berlin.
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Watch recordings of the conference Forward and don’t forget: writing & teaching about the holocaust today, With Alvin Rosenfeld, Omer Bartov, Iryna Radchenko Stephane Bruchfeld and Elena Medvedev.