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Learn more about the Initiative “Paul A. Levine Library”: “Who are we? What are we doing? What are our goals?” – a short intro answers these basic questions.

Our Story

The Student Initiative Paul A. Levine Library marked with the conference Forward and don’t forget: writing & teaching about the holocaust today, the first year of its existence. It was initiated with a collective letter, sent to institutions in Berlin in 2019 asking for help in finding a solution for preserving Paul Levine’s library and work.

Since then, we have received a great show of support from distinguished historians. Just as when the library of the Jewish community in Berlin was founded in 1899, and Ludwig Geiger, historian of literature, appealed to members of the community to support it with the appeal “Gedenket des Geistes” — “Remember and pass on the spirit” is the appeal made by our current Initiative of students, scientists and friends today. We are encouraged and supported by the words and deeds of American historians Alvin H. Rosenfeld and Omer Bartov, both of whom graciously agreed to lend their names as well as give a talk at the initiative’s first conference, titled The Memorial Conference/Webinar: Forward and Don’t Forget: Writing & Teaching About The Holocaust Today, scheduled for December 7, 2020.

Paul A. Levine Library, Berlin 2019.

Throughout his career Professor Levine gathered a significant collection of books, a library holding about several thousands academic titles, mainly devoted to Jewish history, the Second World War and the Holocaust, as well as his own research materials. It is a unique collection, initiatively rescued by the group of people.


The key purpose is to honor the memory of the historian Levine and his achievement.
We are looking for solutions in creating a home for Levine’s material collection, continuing his educational work in a new form.The fruitful realization of this project will make a significant contribution to the preservation and dissemination of information and knowledge in the fields of Holocaust history and historiography.


Our motivation is the need to attract the attention of the interested scholars by asking for the support of specialists in the study of Levine’s archival materials. The initiative seeks to promote and support a discussion among us interested individuals and institutions towards gaining maintenance for Levine’s collection. Unpacking and examining its content I make an argument that Levine’s archive is the holdings of historical documents about the persecution and murder of European Jews during the Nazi era make Levine’s library an important collective place as well as a place for research and for remembrance of the Shoah. It should be available to scholars of his field—perhaps to some history-fellows of that ethic and economic caliber, who care about historical truth and memory.


  • Does our initiative’s concern remain unique❓ If not –
  • How do our initiative’s issues resemble their counterparts’ concerns in Germany, the US, France, Israel, Ukraine, Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and elsewhere? How do they differâť“


Our current topics are the preservation of archival materials that are part of Jewish history and Jewish culture, acting in name of historical truth. The current issues on our agenda are storytelling, management & organizational process, technical support, fundraising, budgets, and advocacy.

Target Group

Anyone who supports our idea and is interested in the topics related to our Library Initiative. Have you known Professor Paul A. Levine? Have you studied or worked with him? Do you appreciate his work and want to be part of a fruitful discussion? Would you like to bring your ideas into the conversation?

If so, please keep in touch and stay tuned!

We are at the very beginning and are looking for partners and interesting collaborations.

Sincerely Yours,

Elena Medvedev,

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