A Traveling Tombstone “Tevat Paul” arrived in Canada

“…there´s a not inconsiderable Canadian connection in both my personal and professional life…” — Paul A. Levine, Summer 2018.

A Traveling Tombstone “Tevat Paul“ in Toronto; series: “Zweisam”; Sculptor: Robert Schmidt-Matt. Material: Diabas, 10 x 10 x 12 cm. Engraved: “Responsible irresponsibility – Paul A. Levine”. Photo credits: Amir Gavriely. 2022.

The first stop on this unique journey of A Traveling Tombstone Tevat Paul is Toronto, Canada, a country that, according to historian Paul A. Levine, was of great importance in his life.

👉 A Traveling Tombstone Tevat Paul made its first city tour, posing in a number of prominent and lesser-known urban locations. This sculpture is a project in collaboration with sculptor Robert Schmidt-Matt and the initiative “Paul A. Levine Library”.

Here, in downtown Toronto, a long-awaited meeting with activists of the initiative Nataly Khazin and Amir Gavriely took place recently.

Israeli-Canadian photographer Amir Gavriely captured some moments of our meeting and also his impressions of meeting the sculpture Tevat Paul live, perfectly fitting it into the architectural context of the North American metropolis. An important detail: we owe this wonderful and meaningful name of the sculpture to Amir, who suggested the name Tevat Paul. Indeed, what a great idea!

Now then: see & admire Tevat Paul in Toronto.

See A Traveling Tombstone Tevat Paul – few more impressions

On my way to Boston and Cambridge, I’ll talk to you soon.

Elena Medvedev

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