Why join us?

In Paul A. Levine Library, Wilmersdorf, Berlin, 2019.

The Student Initiative A. Levine Library promotes science and research by maintaining the highly relevant collection of books and research documents from the estate of Professor Paul A. Levine. The initiative plans various scientific events and research projects, and contributes to the continuation of Levine’s work in awareness, education and combat against Anti-Semitism.

Professor Paul A. Levine, an eminent historian, gifted teacher, author of Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest: Myth, History and Holocaust and co-author of Tell ye Your Children left behind his collection of well over 5.000 academic titles (according to Paul’s statement),, mainly devoted to Jewish history, the Second World War and the Holocaust as well as his own research materials and research notes.

The topics we are interested in are the preservation of Jewish history, culture and religion. Our holding of historical documents about the persecution and murder of European Jews during the Nazi era, make the library i an important collective place as well as a place for research and for remembrance of the Shoah.

The current issues on our agenda are storytelling, management & organizational process, technical support, fundraising, budgets, and advocacy.

Learn about the Initiative Paul A. Levine Library: “Who are we? What are we doing? What are our goals?” – a short intro answers these basic questions.

The Student Initiative A. Levine Library is looking for means and solutions for achieving our aims, making our ideas real. We are at the very beginning and are looking for partners and interesting collaborations.

Our Target Group: everyone who supports our Idea and is interested in the topics, related to our Library-Initiative. Read more in the About Us section of this website.

Then please keep in touch and stay tuned!

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